Anguis (anguis_1) wrote,

New HP fic

OK, not exactly fresh off the press, but 'new' since I last updated. . . .

Last year for the 2013 HP Beholder exchange, I was going to give Millicent a rest (I'm rather fond of her, so she's become my . . . fandom bike seems a bit harsh, though probably accurate), but then I had a plot bunny that blew that plan to Hades. My recipient dropped out rather late in the game, so I was shuffled around (and gave myself a completely irrational guilt trip because my new recipient had some brilliant prompts that were all for naught that year). Anyway, it had been a while since I've written Greg/Millicent, so Dull as Dirt, Brilliant as the Stars (or here if you'd rather read on AO3) was a nice chance to revisit that pairing now that my writing style has matured a bit more. It was also a good opportunity to explore my headcanon, which, for the past several years, has been pretty consistent in asserting that Millicent and Vincent Crabbe were an item in school.

Then, I wasn't going to write for Dudley Redeemed this year, as my summer was terribly busy, but I made the mistake of glancing over the prompts. I saw "Dudley is a strippergram. He gets booked by a group of witches." and the skeleton of a story fell into my brain. I had to write it--had to--so I spent a few months hashing out the details. I know the summary makes it sound a bit like crack!fic ("Dudley's a strippergram, Hermione’s turning thirty, Ginny and Lavender want to see bulging biceps, and Luna has an idea."), but I promise you that it is anything but. Read "Stripped Bare" at Livejournal or AO3.

It's HP Beholder time again, and I've just received my assignment, and I'm in that panicky stage of having a deadline and not even a hint of an idea. (P.S., If you happen to be my Mystery Author poking around for inspiration, just know that, while I tailor my fics to fit prompts or recipients' wishes, I never write fics that I don't like.)
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