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At the moment, my AO3 account is probably the most up-to-date for my recent fics.

Harry Potter Fanfic

Dudley Dursley/Millicent Bulstrode:
Below the Belt (R) -- All Dudley wanted to do was deliver the letter and return to his perfectly normal, relatively pleasant existence. Luckily for him, fate and Millicent Bulstrode intervened. Written for the 2008 hp_beholder exchange, which has a lot of good fics about non-standardly-beautiful characters.
NEW! Stripped Bare (R) -- "Stripping tended to make Dudley turn introspective (far more than pubs or churches ever had)."
Dudley's a strippergram, Hermione’s turning thirty, Ginny and Lavender want to see bulging biceps, and Luna has an idea. Written for the 2013 dudley_redeemed Fest.

Gregory Goyle/Millicent Bulstrode: (newer fic than some listed farther down)
NEW! Dull as Dirt, Brilliant as the Stars (PG-13) -- Greg is lost without Vince, but he somehow manages to find Millicent. Written for the 2013 hp_beholder exchange.

Silvanus Kettleburn/Millicent Bulstrode, Severus Snape
An Affinity for Dangerous Creatures (R) -- Albus Dumbledore (the lying bastard) had announced that Professor Kettleburn had retired to 'enjoy more time with his remaining limbs.' Millicent Bulstrode inadvertently discovers the truth (and then some). Written for the 2012 hp_beholder exchange.

Dudley Dursley/Luna Lovegood
Inner Beauty, My Arse (PG-13) -- "Missing the year prior to sitting one’s A-levels would have been quite difficult for a student of average ability, but for a student of Dudley’s calibre, it was downright disastrous." Written for the 2011 dudley_redeemed Fest.

Filius Flitwick/Pomona Sprout
Fair Is Fair, and Life Is Not (Though Tea Helps an Awful Lot) (R) -- Although their students might sometimes be oblivious to it, teachers have lives, too. Fertilized with dung and watered with tea, Filius Flitwick and Pomona Sprout cultivate a love slowly bubbling along behind the scenes. Written for the 2011 hp_beholder exchange.

Severus Snape/Millicent Bulstrode/Dennis Creevey
“Sod Off” Means “I Love You” (R) -- It begins and ends with the camera. Snapshots of life, and the living thereof. Written for the 2010 hp_beholder exchange. (Go ahead and click; you *know* you're curious!)

Neville Longbottom/Millicent Bulstrode:
There Are Days I Wish I Lived in a Romance Novel (But This Isn't One of Them) (PG-13) -- In a cluttered workshop and amid the rambunctious denizens of his greenhouse, Neville Longbottom discovers that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Now he only has to convince Millicent Bulstrode. . . . Written for the 2009 hp_beholder exchange.

Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger:
Hunger (PG) -- In which Ginny talks, and Hermione’s mind wanders. Written for the porkish_pixies 3-G (Gourmet, Gourmand or Glutton) Ron-a-Thon challenge.

Gregory Goyle/Millicent Bulstrode: (somewhat older fics than the ones listed above)
Velvet & Sidekicks -- Because, as much as books and movies tell us otherwise, perfect people don't live. While Harry is off saving the world, Draco is styling his hair and buffing his nails, and Hermione is getting top grades and cultivating a willowy physique, the rest of us are living, laughing, and loving. A tribute to the imperfect.
Memory Like Old Lace -- Much as movies would like to convince us otherwise, love isn't all doe-eyed gazes and steamy clinches. Much as divorce lawyers would like to convince us otherwise, real love doesn't pack its bags when times get tough. A real love story.
Afterwards -- "The hardest part about taking care of a person dying inch-by-inch isn't the sleepless nights, the wrenched back from lifting once (or twenty times) too often, or the isolation. The hardest part is afterwards."
Afterwards is a sequel to MLOL. They could be considered as an extension of the V&S storyline, although they don't have to (depending on your mood, really).

Vincent Crabbe/Millicent Bulstrode:
Keep It Simple, Stupid -- for The Great Harry Potter Drabble Challenge ("Is it possible to get a drabble written for every possible pairing in the Harry Potter world...each one by a different writer?")
BBW (Big Beautiful Witch) -- Vince has never claimed to be the brightest light in the chandelier, but once he gets an idea in his mind, he hangs onto it like a hippogriff with a nice, juicy ferret. Unfortunately, he’s always had difficulty expressing himself.

Behind Closed, Locked, and Soundproofed Doors -- "Arthur Weasley was rarely seen kissing his wife." Not all romances are conducted in front of the camera.

Millicent Bulstrode:
I Will Not Play the Martyr -- Millicent is not your average woman.

Vincent Crabbe:
Polyjuice Portrait -- "Vincent Crabbe hated little girls. More to the point, he hated being one."

Other Fanfic

As Time Goes By:
It's Been a Long, Long Time -- Written for Porn Battle VII (Prompt: Lionel/Jean, long time)

Criminal Minds
Derek Morgan/Penelope Garcia:
Lost and Found (PG-13) -- Morgan doesn’t always think logically where Garcia is concerned. (Prompt: Morgan/Garcia, Turquoise)

Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Bobby Goren/Alex Eames:
Button Up Your Overcoat -- An impetuous request helps Bobby and Alex break down walls and rebuild fences. Written for Porn Battle VII (Prompt: Goren/Eames, overcoat)
Never, In Extremity -- She should have felt like a voyeur, but this was her partner. Besides, after all he’d done, surely she was owed this much. Then he quietly wrenched her already-faltering world out of orbit. A post-Purgatory fic.
Think -- “Alex didn’t think of Tates when she tucked her handcuffs underneath the corner of her mattress.” (Prompt: Bobby/Alex, handcuffs)
Tearing Apart at the Seams -- The handcuffs prompt . . . it could've gone the other way. Written for Porn Battle VIII (Prompt: Goren/Eames, handcuffs)
Night Falls, But Day Breaks (PG-13) -- Quiet moments are few and far between for Bobby and Alex.
Zingiber officinale at the office -- Another crime scene at a stable. Bobby shares a few choice tidbits from his vast, encyclopedic store of knowledge. (Drabble prompt: ginger)
Below the Shadow of a Dream -- “She’d seen him die a hundred times . . .”
SNAFU -- All it takes is one little word to open the floodgates in Bobby's mind, and he is lost in the resulting deluge. (Prompt: snafu)
Normal Is a Town in Illinois (PG-13) -- “‘Goren’ and ‘normal’ rarely appeared in close proximity in most sentence constructions (well, except when they were connected by “is not,” though that was the exception that proved the rule), but he’d at least had habits and routines . . . .”

Flotsam & Jetsam: Detritus of a Cluttered Mind (unconnected LOCI drabbles & ficlets):
Insatiable -- dialogue drabble Written for Porn Battle VII (Prompt: Goren/Eames, sandwich)
Rhizomes and Other Things That Grow Underground -- She listens, too, and actions have always spoken louder than words. (Drabble prompt: ginger)
Of Life and Robert Goren -- "Life sucked. There was no way to get around it. It was a lesson learned early and often by some, and Robert Goren had been a most assiduous student." (Prompt: 250-word character sketch)
Decline and Fall -- Bobby drabble (Prompt: fall)
Irresistible -- BA drabble (Prompt: X-files Episode Titles)
She's Not His Irene Adler -- Bobby & Nicole drabble
It -- "It's hard and fast on his kitchen table . . . ." (BA drabble)

Tony DiNozzo/Ziva David:
Following Orders (PG-13) -- Tony jumps at the chance to mix business with pleasure. (Prompt: Tony/Ziva, Bondage)


So, there you are. I'll update this post and bring it up near the top whenever I upload a new fic.
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