Anguis (anguis_1) wrote,

Harry Potter fic

I continued my quest to share the beauty of the unbeautiful and the everyday heroism of the obstinately unheroic in this year's HP Beholder exchange. I didn't intend to write Millicent Bulstrode this time around (particularly since I decided on Silvanus Kettleburn as soon as I saw him on atdelphi's character list), but she inserted herself as a belligerent Magizoologist specializing in Muggle veterinary techniques before I could settle on one of the more mature female Hogwarts staff members. Then my duo of damaged misanthropes quite unexpectedly welcomed a third member: a canon-compliant post-DH Severus Snape, thereby surpassing (I think) my 2010 Snape/Millicent/Dennis Creevey fic for the weirdest bedroom scenes I've ever written.

I took the line from PoA about Kettleburn and the anecdote from The Tales of Beedle the Bard, snuggled it all around canon as best I could, and had a great deal of fun extrapolating my knowledge of veterinary medicine into the world of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

I suppose that's a rather long-winded way to share my link to An Affinity for Dangerous Creatures, but--outside the magical bubble of HP Beholder--a ship like this just doesn't get read.

(As an aside, the folks over at Beholder write the most amazing comments! Fic posting and reveals come at about the worst possible time for me, so I rarely have the time and energy to reply as I should, but I wanted to let all of you Beholder commenters know that you have my most heartfelt gratitude.)
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