Anguis (anguis_1) wrote,

"Of Life and Robert Goren," a Law & Order: Criminal Intent ficlet

Title: Of Life and Robert Goren
ci_fans_unite prompt: 250-word character sketch
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 273 (What can I say? I"m an overachiever.)
Disclaimer: The characters and universe of Law & Order: Criminal Intent belong to Dick Wolf, NBC, USA, etc. No copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Summary: "Life sucked. There was no way to get around it. It was a lesson learned early and often by some, and Robert Goren had been a most assiduous student."
Author's Note: "To swallow one's barrel" means to commit suicide by shooting oneself (putting the gun in the mouth).

Of Life and Robert Goren

Life sucked. There was no way to get around it. It was a lesson learned early and often by some, and Robert Goren had been a most assiduous student. Indeed, anyone who'd had half an ear for gossip these past few years would nod and agree that he would be the last person they'd blame for swallowing his barrel.

Life was a bitch, but to some more than others, and it had been suggested by more than a few people (both overtly and indirectly, with varying shades of anger and concern, and in various degrees of sanity) that it would be better for everyone if he made his exit sooner rather than later. He always listened, always considered (couldn't help it, really, because even the ramblings of a madwoman were shot through with fraying threads of truth), and, indeed, the evidence seemed to be mounting up in their favor.

And yet . . .

And yet, the wind still stung his nose in the winter, he still could toss his head back and bare his teeth in laughter at his partner's dry remarks, and, after wandering endless streets to stave off nightmares that would eventually come true, the new dawn gilding the Empire State Building and tenements alike still dampened his stubble-shadowed cheeks with the incontrovertible proof that his heart was not yet beyond repair.

Life had ambushed him, worked him over with bare fists and brass knuckles, stripped him, and left him for dead, but he'd never take the bleak oblivion of a bullet in trade for even one fiercely alive winter day, one golden sunrise, or one more chance to grin at Eames' jokes.
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Yes, life sucked, but it's so good to be known that there a so many little things holding back not to pull the trigger.

That was fantastic. I don't know if I could do such a character study.
Some days it's the little things that help us make it through when all the big things have come crashing down about our ears.

Deleted comment

Awwww. And:

one fiercely alive winter day

Nice turn of phrase.
Thank you!
(I always like to see that someone noticed a phrase or bit of detail that I worked at to get just right.)
Extraordinary. Love it.